​Brother Mike Hayslip here....this is ​1 Degree.​

This edition of 1 Degree explores how the mainstream media might be using masonic images or themes in advertising and entertainment. I will show examples of art from film, TV and advertising that supposedly have a masonic connection. 

These images and themes can be seen in anything from commercials, like the Taco Bell commercial you just saw, to corporate logos and even in movies; whether hidden or obvious.

Just to be clear, this article is intended to be light-hearted and "tongue in cheek" in nature and should not be taken too seriously.

Before we get into it, let's remind ourselves that masonry uses some fairly common shapes in its symbols and just about all of them are based on basic geometry...

Lux e tenebris! (Light out of the darkness)

Say hi to Kevin. He is a Minion from the movie "Despicable Me". He only has one eye so his round goggles only have one circle. The logo on his chest is a squared-off "G". His overalls kinda look like an apron and....OH MY GOSH!!!! 

Okay, so this one sticks pretty good. But like I said, people love mysteries and conspiracies. So I think "THEY", whoever that is, put little things like this into the mainstream just for the purpose of perpetuating the rumors and to keep the theorists busy making up stories.

I must admit, this one is pretty convincing. Until you consider that the M also looks like an envelope. You know, that thing that your mail used to come in? Wait! There's a big "G" again!

Oh, yeah..."Google".

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Gatorade. Masons use a big "G" in the square and compasses, so obviously THIS "G" must be masonic. Nevermind that "Gatorade" also begins with the letter "G".

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You could literally fill a book with this kind of thing. 

Everything with a pyramid or an eye is NOT masonic. Maybe people just love a good mystery and the conspiracy theories are more interesting than the truth?

The conspiracy theory here is that the AOL logo looks like a pyramid with the all seeing eye in it. It could just be an "A" with an "O" in it....for America Online.

After all, the advertising people over at Taco Bell aren't trying to hide anything. They are putting it right in your face. They want you to believe the conspiracy theories and they hope it also makes you hungry. Come to think of it, I could really use a "chalupa" right about now... 

As masons, many of us have become comfortable with these emblems and to us they seem perfectly normal. We understand what they represent and we know that there is no reason to be afraid of them. Those outside Freemasonry who don't know or understand these symbols, out of fear of the unknown, may assign a sinister or otherwise inaccurate meaning to them or attempt to connect masonry to a clandestine shadow government or some other conspiracy theory.

Lets look at some examples of corporate logos that some believe contain masonic imagery or contain secret signals that they represent masonry (or the Illuminati, which many conspiracy theories suggest is a masonic organization).

Close! Sonic Drive-Thru. All you have to do is add "MA-", turn the chevrons 90 degrees and squint real hard to see a square and compass. Again, some people are convinced this is a secret masonic company. 

Or maybe it's true that masonic emblems are being hidden in plain sight on purpose! Here is a still from the animated movie, "The Ant Bully". The symbol on the chair doesn't just look like a square and compasses. It IS a square and compasses. What could it mean? Well perhaps one of the artist working on the film is a mason? I haven't seen the movie so maybe there is some reason for it in the context of the film.

Just because CBS uses a logo that looks like an eye, does that make them masonic? Probably not, but some people think it does.