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What is Freemasonry? What are the Benefits? How does one become a Mason? 

Q: What are the benefits Freemasonry?

A: A benefit may be considered as anything which is helpful, profitable, favorable, and advantageous to a person. A benefit may take many forms such as improving a person in some way, promoting his happiness, raising his status socially, increasing his personal contacts with others, or assisting him in any number of other ways. In a general way the benefits of Masonic membership are both tangible and intangible.

Many Grand Lodges maintain a Home for the needy members in their Golden Years. Some maintain a Home for the children of deceased members. If you are unable to take care of yourself in your declining years, it is a calming feeling to know that there will be help available for you and your wife.

If a Mason finds himself stranded in a strange place and is in need of help, there is always available help not too far away. In some areas there are Masonic Boards of Relief to help in such cases. In other places the needy Mason can contact the local lodge which will render whatever assistance is necessary.

There are a number of intangible benefits that do not readily meet the eye, but they do exist in ample measure. Freemasonry is a selective organization and not everyone is accepted as a member. The mere fact that an application for membership has been filed indicates a desire to belong to something and to be associated with something worthwhile. He may not recognize this intangible element but he is seeking to “belong” to a worthwhile organization and to make his contribution to the work of the group.  Let us recognize that there is nothing more destructive of one’s happiness than the feeling of being alone, of not being a part of anything worthwhile. When he becomes a member he acquires a large number of new Brothers bound by a solemn obligation to do everything possible to make this a better world in which to live.

Q: What is Freemasonry?

A: Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most widely recognized fraternal organization in the world.

Founded in London, England in 1717, its current worldwide membership totals 3.6 million members, 1.6 million of which are in North America. With 120,000 Masons and 530 local Lodges, Ohio has one of the largest Masonic memberships of any state in the country.

As a fraternal organization, Freemasonry unites men of good character who, though of different religious, ethnic, or social backgrounds, share a belief in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind.

If you have more questions or want to contact Lebanon Lodge to be considered for membership fill out the contact formHERE.

Q: How does one become a Mason?

A: Joining a Masonic Lodge is an opportunity for qualified men to become members of the world's oldest, largest, and best known fraternal organization. The process of becoming a member is divided into stages marked by three separate ceremonies, the symbolism of which is intended to strengthen a man's commitment to his Faith, his family, and his community.

Application for Ohio membership is open to men who:

  • Have been an Ohio resident for at least six months
  • Are at least 19 years old
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • Live a good moral and social life
  • Do not advocate the overthrow of the government
  • Can read and write English
  • Are recommended by two members of the Lodge they wish to join. (If you do not know two members of a Lodge, the secretary of the Lodge to which you are applying can arrange a meeting with two members of the Lodge for you.)
  • If you decide to join Lebanon Masonic Lodge, you will have to submit to a background check. This is recommended by the Grand Lodge of Ohio and is required for membership.

The application fee is generally between $100 and $250, and a Lodge's annual dues are between $25 and $150. The Masonic term for a membership application is a "petition." The application fee can be determined by contacting the secretary of the Lodge you wish to join