This is a newspaper article from January 10th, 1915. It reports the events of the 100 Year celebration of Lebanon Lodge 26. 

It has been transcribed below to make it easier to read.

I  took the liberty of correcting a true typographical error, but included the original for historic purposes.

Centennial of Lebanon Masonic Lodge

Most worshipful George R. Marshall, Grand Master of the Lodge of Ohio, assisted by the Grand Marshal, Most Worshipful John R. Flotron install the officers elect.

Present and past Grand officers unite with local members in making occasion gala day long to be remembered.  Reception to the ladies in the afternoon and banquet at night great success lodge rooms beautified with southern Smilax and Carnations.

100 years of Masonry in Lebanon was celebrated on last Tuesday by the members of Lebanon Lodge number 26 F. & A. M., assisted by past and present Grand officers of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, together with the past masters and present masters and the wardens of the lodges in Warren County. In the afternoon a reception was given the families of the Masons; 
at 5 o’clock a convocation of past masters was held under the direction of District Deputy Grand Master Carl J. Plocher. At 6 o’clock a sumptuous banquet was served in the I.O.O.F. Temple.

At 7:30 o’clock the lodge was open for the installation of officers-elect by Most Worshipful George R. Marshall, Grand Master, and Most Worshipful John R. Flotron, Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, followed by a "feast of reason" and a "flow of soul" until the gavel fell concluding the exercises.

On the third day of January 1815, Grand Lodge of Ohio in session at Chillicothe granted a charter to eight men to organize Lebanon Lodge No. 26. Those men were Thomas R. Ross, Jon Sheets, Nathan Kelly, Daniel Roe, Martin Earhart, David Cushing, George Kesling, Charles Stowe. The charter was signed by Most Worshipful Henry Bush, Grand Master and Most Worshipful Robert Kerchwall, Grand Secretary. At the time there were about three other lodges in southern Ohio-- N.C. Harmony Lodge of Cincinnati, St. Johns Lodge of Dayton and Washington Lodge of Hamilton.

Lebanon and Warren County at once became prominent in Masonic affairs, having the great honor of furnishing three Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Ohio -- Most Worshipfuls Thomas Corwin, John Satterthwaite and Horace M. Stokes. In the first third of the century of Lebanon Lodge there was practically no year when it was not represented by some elective officer in the Grand Lodge. A partial list of those officer is as follows:

John Sutterthwaite, Jr. Sword Bearer, 1816; Thomas R. Ross, Junior Grand Warden, 1817; Phineas Ross, Deputy Grand Master, 1818-1819; Daniel F. Reeder, Grand Marshal, 1820-1821; Thomas Corwin, Deputy Grand Master, 1823; Thomas Corwin, Grand Orator, 1826; Thomas Corwin, Deputy Grand Master, 1827.

The Lodge rooms were beautifully and profusely decorated for the occasion in Southern Smilax and Carnations. At the reception in the afternoon, instrumental music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lewis and Miss Cunningham. Mrs Delbert Cleland rendered some vocal selections in the artistic manner and  beautiful tone so well known to our citizens. About 400 persons were in attendance within the hours designated for the reception and, indeed, it was long past the hour for closing that the last guest departed. Dainty refreshments were served in the south room.

At 5 o'clock about 50 past and present Masters opened the convocation for conferring the Past Master's degree upon the Worshipful Master-elect, Dr. John Wright Bratton. This was done with the assistance of the Grand Officers, acting under District Deputy Grand Master Plocker, and its impressiveness was exceedingly manifest. At the close of the convocation the entire body marched to the I.O.O.F. Hall where a bounteous banquet was served. There were seated about 250 masons and, while at the tables, were joined by a score of the brethren from Norwood, who were intimate friends of Master-elect Bratton. After the banquet, all returned to the halls of the lodge where they were greeted by the out-going Worshipful Master, Dean E. Stanley and his fellow officers of the past year. The following Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, M.W. John R. Flotron, Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Most Worshipfuls Levi C. Goodale and Horace A. Irwin, Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge, and M.W. Carl Plocher, Deputy Grand Master of the 2nd District. The Grand Master at once took charge and with the assistance of the Grand Marshal, installed the following officers: Worshipful Master, Jon Wright Bratton, Senior Warden, Charles J. Waggoner, Junior Warden, Claude A. Brumer, Treasurer Ralph H. Carey, Secretary, Ed S. Conklin, Senior Deacon Harry C. Schwartz, Junior Deacon John B. Ross, Tyler E. F. Borden.

At the conclusion of the installation the Worshipful Master appointed the standing committees for 1915, and then closed the most remarkable meeting ever held by old Number 26. After the close of the lodge, Toastmaster John Marshall Malford took charge of the meeting. After expressing his gratitude for the honor of presiding upon the occasion, and making a few introductory remarks, he introduced the oldest living Past Master of the lodge, John D. Steddom, who presided as Master in 1875 and also in 1882. Exceedingly appropriate and touchingly tender were his remarks, at the concustion of which he was given an ovation of applause. Other Past Masters present were Judge Joseph W. O'Neall, Judge F. M. Cunningham, M. A. Jameson, C. W. Randall, C. C. Eulass, F. M. Hamilton Jr., Bert Drake, G. F. Brown, Dr. J. V. Mulford, P. P. Benham, Charles T. Cross, Solomon, Fred and Dean Stanley.

Lodge Historian, Dr. Charles A. Hough, was then introduced and gave a most interesting address, to which we are indebted for the historical data used in the beginning of this article. 

The toastmaster then introduced the Present and Past Grand Masters who were exceedingly complimentary to Lebanon in their remarks and who were received most graciously by their hearers. the member present whose entrance into masonry antedated all others was Dr. John M. Adams of Cumminsville, who, when introduced spoke in a reminiscent mood for a short time, greatly to the delight of his hearers, but it was the inimitable George E. Bundy, who brought down the house. The "psychological moment" for laughing had come and George furnished the excuse. Although he no longer lives in Lebanon, George is looked upon as a typical Lebanonite. Grand Marshal Floton and District Deputy Plocker were the concluding speakers, both of whom were well received as they always are at Masonic gatherings. 

Thus ended one of the greatest days in the history of Lebanon, most certainly in the history of Masonry in Warren county. Members of the lodge who had not been present for years were busy renewing friendships and making new ones. Visiting brethren from this and adjacent counties mingled together in brotherly love, the Grand Officers impressed upon all that in masonry we meet upon the level, and each was a hail fellow to every other member. there had not been anything overlooked by the committee in charge so far as could be seen, and to Ed S. Conklin, G. F. Brown and Bert Drake, the faithful three, we all agree, the heartiest congratulations of the membership is extended with a firm vow that, if they are here one hundred years hence, they shall again be the Executive Committee.

Corrected version.

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